Role Apprentice Owner

Role Keeper

Sabrina Lang (starting 2023-03-01)


Business Management (Management)


VSHN has one apprentice in the 3rd of 4 years and would like to have more apprentices in IT in the future. An apprentice is more than an employee, as we are responsible for the vocational practical training in addition to the vocational school.

We have to make sure that we fulfill this responsibility, that the administrative work that goes along with it is done conscientiously and that the organization of the training and mentoring within the company is ensured so that the trainees complete their apprenticeship successfully and are well-prepared for their working life.


As a Swiss company we want to be part of the Swiss "Duales Bildungssystem" counteracting the impending shortage of skilled workers. Offering apprenticeships and having apprentices is a big part of this, and is also a way to "create future VSHNeers".

  • Management (strategic decision to offer apprenticeships)

  • Parents of the apprentice

  • The apprentice

  • Education institutions (for example TBZ / MBA in Switzerland)

Key Deliverables

  • Documented, up-to-date educational concept in the wiki.

  • Official administrative work with education institutions.

  • 3rd level go-to person for all academic, professional and personal matters.

  • Go-to person for all administrative matters.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure education according to official educational plan:

  • All apprentice related administrative work not covered by other roles.

  • Ensure review of apprentice progress. Regular sync with the role keepers involved in the apprenticeship.

Key Resources

  • Educational Plan (Bildungsplan) "Betriebsinformatiker:in mit eidgenössischem Fähigkeitszeugnis (EFZ)"

  • Apprentice documentation, handbook, and work assignments in Wiki.


  • Recruiting (for additional apprentices if planned)

    • Availability of mentors in different fields and needed topics

  • Level of personal development, expertise, and motivation of individual apprentice

Delegator Responsibilities

  • Define if and when to get additional apprentices and organize recruiting.

  • Enabling external support as needed.

  • Support to define and delegate relevant roles and responsibilities (if needed).

Mindset, Skills and Capabilities

  • HR Administration

  • Understanding of Swiss Apprentice System

External Constraints

  • Swiss law and regulations, specifically:

    • Education permission from MBA required.

    • One Person with "Berufsbilder" certificate required within the company.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Every 3 months, retro or peer review with the involved roles, apprentices and the Delegator.

This domain is tracked and reviewed as part of VIP-218