Service Request

The Service Request issue type was introduced as part of VIP-119 in December 2021.


Customer requests setup of a standard service (for example, a new DB instance) Small, standard changes of existing service (new user account, another database, ACL change, etc.).


jira service request issue type


State Meaning Notes


Needs to be triaged by 1st Ops.

Check with Service Manager if this is big enough to be a Change.


Clarifying details with customer (can be VSHN).

Check with engineer if anything is missing.


Going to be worked on next.

In Progress

Currently being worked on.

Waiting for Customer

We can’t work on this task as we the customer needs to do something first (test, give feedback, answer a question) but the task isn’t considered done from our side yet.

Internal Review

The issue is done (all task deliverables completed) and should be reviewed by a VSHNeer before closing.

Do not change the assignee, but mention the one you’re waiting for


Finished. Nothing can be done anymore on this issue.

The issue can be re-opened and set back to in-progress if needed. If it’s a different issue, create a new ticket.


Transition Requirement

Waiting for Customer → Done

Customer closes the ticket or confirms it can be closed.

Internal Review → Done

Write the resolution of the ticket in the comment.

Done → In Progress

Write a comment that clearly says why this issue should be re-opened.