Weekly Team Meeting

At VSHN we hold a weekly Team Meeting. The goal is to keep all employees on the same page on what’s going on at VSHN.


Mondays, 11:15 AM to 12:00 AM


common room ("Aufenthaltsraum")

To respect the time of every attendee the following rules apply at the Weekly Team Meeting:

  • There is a tablet for remote attendees to attend the meeting via Zoom.

  • The transcript writer is the only person allowed to use an electronic device.

    • Don’t bring notebooks or tablets. Leave the phone in your pocket or even better on your desk.

    • You’re free to leave the meeting to check your smartphone…​

    • No projector or TV, exception if something needs to be presented (financial reports, short education, etc.)

      • Attendees must listen to the speaker instead of reading everything in advance.

      • Speakers about sales, marketing, recruiting, etc, must be prepared and don’t just read from the protocol topics.

  • When you want to present something, prepare and test the TV, notebook, etc., before the team meeting.

Meeting Protocol

Every Weekly Team Meeting produces a meeting protocol stored in our wiki:

  • The meeting protocol has to be pre-filled with the agenda (see template)

  • The meeting chair writes down the results of the discussions and most important comments in the second column.

  • The meeting protocol wiki link will be emailed to everyone after the meeting.

The Antares squad creates a new protocol from the template (if not yet done by someone else) and checks all items before, during and after the meeting.