The VSHN Offering

This page describes what VSHN offers to it’s customers and sets the naming for it.

One could call this also "The VSHN products" but as the offering has more facets than just to be a "product" a more appropriate definition is given on this page.



A Solution addresses a specific customer need by combining professional services and one or more products, eventually sold as subscription (combination of several products).

Solutions include the work we do as Professional Service to combine and customize products to the customers needs. For the customer the solution feels tailor made while we can standardize and scale using the building-block-products. Customization can include configuration, custom engineering, changing default product architecture, etc.

Solution descriptions are called Blueprints.

Table 1. Available Blueprints
Name Description

Managed Modsecurity CRS WAF

The managed WAF pipeline consists of the tooling to produce OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS)-based Docker containers and deploy them on a Kubernetes-based container platform.

DevOps Workshop

Fixed scope/agenda and fixed price workshop

Table 2. Example / Possible Blueprints
Name Description

Managed Platform

Running the platform the customer uses to deploy the application.

Managed Application

Running the customers application on top of a managed platform.

Managed Application Delivery

Managed Pipelines and application packaging

Billing model
  • By the hour or fixed price for Professional Service

  • Subscription(s) for Product

Professional Service

A Professional Service is one-time work, usually billed by the hour or at a defined fixed price.
  • Solution Engineering

  • Support

  • Training

Billing model
  • By the hour or fixed price


Products are clearly defined items which can be easily duplicated, sold as subscriptions.


  • Include all the recurring work we do to keep specific applications up and running all the time, the "managed" part of our work.

  • They can also be 3rd-party products resold by VSHN (For example cloud services, licenses or 3rd party subscriptions)

  • Products also define the available service levels and how they work

  • A product can include or be based on another product

Table 3. Product Groups
Product Group Description Products


Shared OpenShift / Kubernetes Cluster

Includes cloud resources, subscriptions and the managed service (aka VSHN Syn Support)

  • APPUiO Public Shared

  • APPUiO Public Dedicated

VSHN Managed Service

Managed Linux Server with Puppet

  • Managed Server

  • Managed MariaDB

  • Managed GitLab

VSHN Syn Support

Managed Private Kubernetes Clusters with Project Syn

  • OpenShift 4 on

  • Rancher on VMware

Cloud Computing Resources (Reselling)

Reselling of Infrastructure and Platform Services


  • Exoscale

  • Swisscom DCS+

  • Amazon AWS

  • Google Cloud

  • Microsoft Azure


3rd Party Subscriptions (Reselling)

Reselling of Licenses and Support Subscriptions

  • Red Hat OpenShift Subscriptions

  • GitLab Subscriptions

  • Rancher Subscriptions

  • NGINX Plus Licenses

Billing model
  • Subscription. This means a fixed price per hour or month (rating) and per unit (for example GB/node/vCPU).


Some words are very well described in the book The Personal MBA:


"Subscription offers provide tangible or intangible benefits on an ongoing basis in exchange for a recurring fee." Source: Personal MBA


"A Service is a form of value where you help and provide some type of benefit to someone, in exchange of a fee." Source: Personal MBA


"Products are self-contained units of economic value. They’re a tangible form of value. Providing value in Product form is valuable because Products can be Duplicated. The Personal MBA was only written once, but individual copies can be printed and delivered millions of times to readers all around the world. As a result, products tend to Scale better than other forms of value, since they can be Duplicated or Multiplied." Source: Personal MBA