Squad Master

  • The servant leader for the squad, enabling the squad to be efficient and happy.

  • Communicate what problem needs to be solved and why.

  • Make sure squad members have everything they need to work.


  • In squad internal issues (also act as a tie-breaker for decisions).

  • Leave requests (decisions are made in the squad).

  • Duty and shift planning (for example weekly Maintenance, Altair shifts, etc.).

  • With other Squads, for example in Squad Master and Service Manager meetings.

  • With project, product and service managers.

  • Knowledge transfer and design decisions, for example to connect the correct engineers to solve a problem.

  • Recruiting needs, so we find new people for the squad.

  • Of all projects within the squad (on a high level, not on the ticket level).

  • Of who is working on what (on a high level).

Escalation point
  • For squad members in personal matters.

  • Resource problems or conflicts.

  • The time availability forecast.

  • How to fit in planned projects.

  • Retros and planning meetings, can but doesn’t have to facilitate them.

  • And help how to improve personal workflow, efficiency and focus.


Out of Scope

A Squad master isn’t: