Solution Architect

A Solution Architect is responsible to offer a fitting solution for VSHN and the customer. This includes everything from engineering requirements, designing solution, relaying questions to the engineering team, creating offers, to discussing architectural questions with the customer.


Requirements Engineering
  • Joining calls and meetings to help sales define the needs of the customer.

  • Leading together with Engineers "Requirement Engineering" workshops, and documenting the findings.

  • Understanding requirements in potential deals presented by the customer.

  • Documenting customer use case / requirements.

Solution Design
  • Designing solutions together with Pre-Sales to best solve problems, and documenting them.

  • Creating a catalog of questions, and presenting it to our Pre-Sales engineers, to have them assess and verify solutions.

  • Collecting additional questions for the customer from the engineering team and clearing them with the customer.

  • Designing and working out solution blueprints for sales including pricing, technical design, and documentation.

  • Breaking the project down in work packages together with engineering.

  • Creating an offer out of the defined solution, depending on its complexity.

Customer Care
  • Being available to CSM / Inside Sales / BDM for all technical questions from the customer.

  • Answering technical questions for the customers about the architecture.

  • Keeping up contact with the customer during the design solution phase.

Assistance for Tech Pre-Sales
  • Leading Tech Pre-Sales meeting.

  • Preparing the presentation and offers up to date, so that engineers in the pre-sales assistance meeting know precisely which questions to ask.

  • Escalating questions and problems to Solution Teams in an orderly manner if more detailed answers are needed.

  • Collecting information about newest products of VSHN.

  • Getting experience with VSHN products to integrate them in solutions.

  • Reviewing solutions together with engineering to improve in the future.

Out of scope

A Solution Architect isn’t:


Evaluation Criteria

For the sales process
  • Get technical support during the sales process.

  • Be able to offer technical sound solutions to the customer.

For the pre-sales domain
  • Get customer questions and request presented with all necessary information to evaulate them.

Assignment of this role

By the affected Domain: Tech Pre-Sales

This role is tracked and reviewed as VIP-125