VSHN management members are responsible for running the company. The VSHN Board consists of an uneven number of VSHNeers.

The guiding principle of this role is "Leading by example."

Responsibilities and Accountability

  • Driver of organizational development.

    • Define the company structure.

    • Empower roles.

  • Help the company to take decisions by staying on task until a decision is made.

  • Ensure VSHNeer satisfaction.

  • Break down company vision and strategy set by Board into tangible goals for Squads and VSHNeers.

  • Collaborate with VSHNeers to work out detailed actions for reaching the goals.

  • Propose company budget to the Board, enforce adherence to the budget and make it visible.


  • Spending exceeding a certain amount or not planned in advance.

  • Final decision to hire or fire a VSHNeer.

  • Projects which have a significant impact to the company or are a high risk.


  • Periodic creation of reports.

  • Request the Board for power of attorney.

  • Contact with the management of other companies.

  • Final authority of the ISMS and final decisions about information security

Point of Escalation

  • Problems with VSHNeers (HR topics) which can’t be solved by other roles.

  • Problems with customers which can’t be solved by other roles.

  • Mediator / moderator for long, sensitive, or far reaching discussions.


VSHN management members are appointed by the Board. To be a member of the management, the Board has to evaluate the corresponding application.