Delegate for Delegate Circles

Each team has one fixed Delegate that represents the interests of the team in a Delegate Circle. This role is assigned per Delegate Circle in which the team has to participate. This means a team might have multiple Delegates for different Delegate Circles.

The goal is to reduce the number of people involved so that your team can concentrate on their daily work instead. In addition, the participation of many or all members of your team would make efficient discussions, meetings and decision making almost impossible. In addition, a single defined person creates accountability for the role.


In short, you represent your team in cross-team or company wide decision making (Governance), therefore you act on behalf of your team and not in your personal interest. As the Delegate Circle you are accountable for the domains of the Delegate Circle and also are the governing body of their sub-domains (for example the teams).

VSHN Improvement Proposals
  • Represent the team in the VSHN Improvement Proposals in the Delegate Circle:

    • Present VIPs within the team before the delegate circle meeting, especially those that could affect the team directly.

    • Actively ask for possible objections on VIPs and discuss in the team.

    • Summarize arguments and questions the team has.

    • Raise questions and objections on VIPs on behalf of the team.

    • Read all VIPs in "Decision Making" column in the Delegate Circle Kanban Board before a Delegate Circle meeting

  • Inform the team about agreements made in the Delegate Circle (especially VIPs).

  • Plan follow-up actions with the team which are needed to adhere to or implement agreements.

  • Drive and support VIPs the team created for the Delegate Circle.


Special duties for the Products Delegate Circle:

  • Collect requirements for new or change of existing products from the team.

  • Represent the requirements and priorities of the team in the Product Bets.

  • For Delegates of Product Teams: Report on the high-level status of the active Product Bet.

  • For Delegates of Solution Teams: Report on the high-level status of migrating solutions to products or between product versions.


Special duties for the Solutions Delegate Circle:

  • Together with the Service Manager(s) of your team discuss and define which team takes a new (potential) customer.

  • Escalate workforce shortage to find workarounds or solutions cross-team (for example helping out each other).


Special duties for the VSHNeers Delegate Circle:

  • Collect and represent your teams needs in the domain of VSHNeer Success.

  • Escalate issues of the team which they can’t solve by themselves to the Delegate Circle if needed.
    Focus on finding out who could be accountable for the topic and what the next step is, for example discussing it in a smaller group or creating a VIP.

  • Collect and moderate to define the recruiting needs of the team.

  • Ensure that your recruiting needs are covered by the defined open positions.

  • Participate in decision making on the priorities (because of constraint to budget).

  • Help PeopleOps to find out where a new candidate would fit in if not given by an open position.

Out of Scope

The Delegate isn’t
  • about solving team internal personal or work related issues.

  • the leader or the boss of the team.

  • accountable for the team.

  • implicitly the person who implements agreements.

Assignment of this role

Each team elects one team member to be the Delegate per Delegate Circle for a certain period of time the team defines themselves.

The minimum term is 6 months. This is important to have some stability in Delegate Circles.


Missing Delegate Circle meetings or decision making isn’t an option as this would potentially harm the team through decisions where they weren’t represented in.

Every team elects a stand-in for this role. The Delegate organizes and informs the stand-in for planned absences.

The stand-in doesn’t participate in meetings or decision making when the Delegate is doing so. The stand-in passively listens in asynchronous (chat) channels though, to be ready to jump in if needed.


  • Solid understanding on how our Delegate Circles and the VSHN Improvement Proposals works.

  • Reserve time on a weekly basis to fulfil the duties.

  • Willingness to participate from time to time in working groups that deal with a topic in more detail.

This role is tracked and reviewed as VIP-62