Customer Success Manager

The Customer Success Manager is responsible for a successful business relationship. They’re the ongoing partner contact for all commercial matters like offers, contracts, invoices and feedback and promote retention and loyalty.

In German: Der Customer Success Manager ist verantwortlich für eine erfolgreiche Geschäftsbeziehung. Er/Sie ist die Hauptansprechsperson für alle geschäftlichen Angelegenheiten wie Angebote, Verträge, Rechnungen und Feedback und fördert eine gute Partnerschaft und Loyalität.


Own (be responsible for)
  • Ongoing communication with the business decision makers on the customer side.

  • Planning and execution of regular meetings to ensure that the customer is happy with the service(s) provided.

  • Customer contracts and legal requirements.

  • With Sales and Presales Engineering for new customers

  • With Service Managers and Project Managers for ongoing projects/tasks.

  • With Support for technical questions from customers

  • With Accounting for financial/invoicing questions from customers

  • Overview of all projects running and planned (or in sales pipeline) for this specific customer.


Out of Scope

A Customer Success Manager isn’t:

  • A project manager for the customer. See Project Manager

  • The one having technical knowledge of the platform or services of the customer. See Service Manager

  • Working on engineering tasks for the customer.

  • Answering technical questions.