VSHNeer Success

Everything around VSHNeers recruiting, development, mentoring, success and happiness that’s not defined to be in the domain of People Operations is in the domain of VSHNeer Success.

The Delegate Circle VSHNeers is accountable for this domain.

Core Tasks

  • Asses and define

    • the recruiting needs and hiring priorities (hiring roadmap).

    • the requirements for existing and new commonly used tooling.

    • office and workspace needs (rooms, number of desks, etc.).

  • Improve Remote and Office work guidelines.

  • Owner of

  • All other topics that help VSHNeers to be more successful and happy.


  • Hiring and contract termination decisions are done by the Management via People Operations.

  • Recruiting is organized in the Interest Group Recruiting.

    • Support People Operations with the continuous improvement of the Recruiting process.

    • Actively help with handling applications.

    • Actively help with 1st and 2nd meetings, should the voluntary participation not be enough.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Happy VSHNeers

  • The recruiting needs of the teams are represented (as far as finance allows).

This domain description is tracked and reviewed as VIP-37