In order grow the business, and ensure we’ve enough revenue to pay salaries and cover all operational costs, we need to sell our services and products.

Selling, in this context, means to answer to people that contact us, or reach out to people we believe might need our services. We do this in order to help them understand if and how VSHN can help them; to guide them through the sales process until we’ve a written commitment; to hand over to the Service Manager for the technical onboarding; and last but not least, to be responsible for the commercial customer relationship.

The Sol Team is accountable for this domain.

Core Tasks

  • Outbound lead generation.

  • Handle sales requests from existing and potential customers.

  • Guide a lead through the Sales Process.

  • Keeping successful business relationships with existing customers as Customer Success Management.

  • Maintain the CRM system and keep the data stored within up-to-date.


Evaluation Criteria

Seen by the Organization
  • Increased revenue leads to company growth.

Seen by Engineering
  • Project influx is on a compatible level with the currently available work capacity.

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-117