Product Development

We want different product groups to be developed and maintained autonomously by one team each, delivering and supporting standardized and automated products to the Solution Teams so that they can create and operate Solutions for their customers in increasingly scalable ways.

The Delegate Circle Products is accountable for this domain.

Each Product Team is accountable for a specific group of all VSHN products. Each product group is considered a sub-domain of Product Development.

Core Tasks

  • Own product(s), managing the product(s) backlog

  • Develop the products towards our Product Bets

  • Working in a feedback loop with our Solution Teams

  • Deliver requested features and fixes

  • Support Setup, Operations and Maintenance for Solution Teams

  • Address and fix bugs and problems of products


  • Product Bets are maintained and prioritized by Product Management

  • Use VSHN standards, tools and frameworks where possible without limiting yourself, contribute instead of reinvent

  • Active participation in Delegate Circles - Goals and actions are prioritized in the team as needed

  • Improvements and inventions are aligned with the wider company goals

  • Drivers that affect the organization of our teams or the need and definition of roles that go beyond the scope of a single team are handled in and with OrgDev.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Indirect financial viability

  • Solution Teams are successful with your products

  • Accepting ownership of new products that fit within your product group

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-4