Organizational Development

We want a group of people with clear leadership that develops the organization and its structure on a high level, focusing on building clearly defined accountable teams, governance decision making, alignment frameworks and making governance decisions transparent to everyone.

Delegated by the domain of Business Operations the Interest Group Organizational Development is accountable for this domain.

Core Tasks

  • Own the VSHN Improvement Proposals.

  • Moderate, maintain and help with VSHN Improvement Proposals for other Delegate Circles, Teams, Management and Board.

  • Implementation of Sociocracy 3.0 concepts and patters where useful.

  • Create and maintain documentation about our organizational structure.

  • Accompany change to maintain our VSHN culture as we improve and grow.

  • Propose improvements to governance and operational work planning in teams.

  • Moderate high level cross-team organizational drivers.

  • Organize, plan and hold VSHNeer educations and coaching on all areas of OrgDev.

  • Support

    • The Board defining and maintaining company goals.

    • The Product Management defining and maintaining Product Bets.

    • VSHNeers with organizational topics by either addressing drivers directly or pointing to the accountable circle.


  • Fixed lead from Management

  • Accept volunteers who want to contribute.

  • Follow the Decision Making Process assigning the correct circles and involving affected people.

  • Delegation of accountability to domains ultimately done by their parent domain.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Efforts are aligned with Company Beliefs, Values and 2-year goals

This domain description is tracked and reviewed as VIP-38