Customer Solutions

We want a customer to be served autonomously by one team and the customer responsibility to remain solely with the team, creating a direct feedback loop with the customer. This allows informed decisions in planning and work prioritization, prevents any shifting of work and responsibility between teams and the team will be able to continuously improve working together as a team and with the customer.

The Delegate Circle Solutions is accountable for this domain.

Each Solution Team is accountable for a specific group of all VSHN customers. Each customer group is considered a sub-domain of Customer Solutions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Continuously understand customer requirements and refine tasks

  • Design, engineer, implement, run and maintain solutions

  • Handle Incidents and provide Support

  • Work towards standardization and automation across all customers (and other teams)

  • Actively participate in our Technical Pre-sales.


  • Financial viability

  • Accepting a proportionally fair share of new customers (and projects)

  • Product goals are implemented according to common expectations (via Solution Delegate Circle)

  • Drivers (VIPs) affecting the structure of our organization and teams, or the need and definition of roles that go beyond the scope of a single team are handled in and with OrgDev.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Daily Operations in accordance with out Service Level Agreement and customer contracts

  • Delivering sold Solutions iteratively and on time to solve the challenges we’re helping our customers with

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Team satisfaction

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-3