A Chapter tackles "cross-cutting concerns" in VSHN, such as documentation, recruiting, or security. They’re formed by members from various squads, all interested in solving a particular problem with an impact in all squads across the company. Chapters are orthogonal to squads.

Chapters are organized in the wiki, where they have their own space. They have their own task lists and meetings schedule. You can browse the list of chapters in the wiki; feel free to join one or more of them if you feel like you could contribute to the discussion.

Squads vs Chapters


A Chapter…

  • … consists of a bunch of VSHNeers from different squads who are interested in a topic and want to take care of it.

  • … meets regularly to talk about the topic in question.

  • … decides on steps to take.

  • … is long-living (that means chapters aren’t suitable for short-lived topics).

  • … is self-organized.

A list of all current chapters can be found in the wiki.


Chapters have the following common responsibilities:

  • Refinement of issues in its backlog.

    • A Squad can assign an issue to a Chapter for refinement if needed.

  • Discuss details about issues pertaining to the chapter’s purpose.

  • Review (eventually code review) of changes in projects managed.

  • Discuss proof-of-concepts (POCs) and decide how to proceed (for example, create or suggest new projects).

How to Create a Chapter

Strictly speaking, as soon as two or more people agree to tackle a long-term internal issue in VSHN, a chapter is born. The checklist below provides some guidelines on how to bring it to reality.

  1. Create a wiki space and name it appropriately, see the documentation chapter guidelines.

  2. Create a JIRA Chore blocking the right VINT-XX named "<Chaptername> Chapter Meetings."

  3. Create a channel in rocketchat with #<chaptername>

    1. Include the link to the JIRA Chore and to the Chapter Wiki page in the channel topic. This helps that everyone knows how to log the time spent for the chapter.

  4. Link the wiki space in the List of Chapters.

  5. Announce the existence of the new chapter in the #general channel and in the next team meeting.

  6. With the VSHNeers interested in the chapter:

    1. Clearly define the chapter mission and write it down on the wiki page.

    2. Define the required communication channels, and document them (for example, create a chapter chat channel and document it on the wiki page).

    3. If needed, request an update of the "Chapter" field in JIRA to add the new Chapter to the list, and update the JIRA filter on the chapters wiki page.

How to Abandon a Chapter

When there is no more interest in a chapter, or its purpose has been fulfilled, we can abandon a chapter following these steps.

  1. Announce the situation on #general channel, and if there are no objections:

    1. Archive the corresponding wiki space.

    2. Document the reason for the abandonment on the chapter home page.

    3. Remove the chapter from the JIRA "Chapter" field.