Rotating in and out of Altair

Your first day in Altair

First of all, welcome to the Altair Squad!

When it’s your first rotation into Altair or when you haven’t been in Altair for some time this page helps you to get started.

First read and understand the concept of Altair.

The following links bring you directly to the pages and sections which are most relevant for your daily work in Altair.

Related reading
  • Altair Wiki Homepage
    Has all the links to documentation, Jira boards, etc. and show the current rotation and Responsible Ops planning

  • Responsible Ops
    We use the role of Responsible Ops who make sure that Ticket Triage and Monitoring Operations is done

    • Ticket Triage
      How we triage new tickets and customer requests

    • Monitoring Operations
      Guidelines the help you handle our monitoring stack, react to alerts and explain our goals.

  • How we work with tickets
    How we work with Altair tickets and between squads, onces they’re triaged

Once you’re done with the guidelines you can start working on tickets already!

It’s recommended that you sit down with the Squadmaster or an experienced colleague to go over the docs and guidelines, especially when it’s your first time in Altair.
Tools you need and should know

Handover when leaving Altair

When a shift changes, we need to make sure that tickets are being worked on by the new members.

It’s your responsibility to hand over all tickets assigned to you.
  • On the day before your rotation ends (usually a Friday), please schedule a quick meeting with the member rotating into Altair and go over your tickets.

  • Is the person rotating in not able to meet, please schedule a meeting at earliest convenience.

  • Make sure your tickets are in a state that allows to hand them over. At the end of said meeting, you shouldn’t have any Altair tickets assigned to you.