VSHNeer Success


Delegate Circle VSHNeers


All Teams of VSHN


Topics (Drivers, VIPs) about VSHNeers being able to work successfully and develop and feel good belong to this domain. All teams run the VSHNeers Delegate Circle for this, and appoint a Delegate to represent their team. This concept is further explained here.

Out of Scope

In order to address the needs that directly come from the nature of a company or serve our company purpose (for example, also a salary system, so that we can hire people at all) are delegated through our structures, starting at the Management, to Work Groups, Teams, etc. and do not fall into the VSHNeers Success domain.

Key Responsibilities

As of 2022-04-12, the follwing key responsibilities might no longer be correct, according to what we have learned about what a Delegate Circle actually is. A review is needed.


  • Hiring and contract termination decisions are done by the Management via People Operations.

  • Recruiting is organized in the Interest Group Recruiting.

    • Support People Operations with the continuous improvement of the Recruiting process.

    • Actively help with handling applications.

    • Actively help with 1st and 2nd meetings, should the voluntary participation not be enough.

  • Drivers (VIPs) affecting the structure of our organization and teams, or the need and definition of roles that go beyond the scope of a single team are handled in and with OrgDev.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Happy VSHNeers

  • The recruiting needs of the teams are represented (as far as finance allows).

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-37