Domain Team Development


Team Development Work Group


Business Management, Represented by Marco Fretz

Lead by

vacant (Agile Coach)


The Team Facilitator of a team leads to ensure the team continuously develops how to most effectively and efficiently account for their domain. The involved activities need knowledge and experience, ways to find out if they are on the right track, and stay on track. Other teams do similar things and face similar challenges, it would be a waste, when every team would have to self-learn and -invent everything. Also there are and will always be things that make sense to do the same way across teams to best serve the overall organization. The Delegator of the Teams should also notice when there is something the teams need help with, so they can support and enable the team with what is needed.

We need a way for the teams and their delegator(s) to come together and share, learn and decide together about how they best account for their domain and how to address cross-team challenges. How they facilitate and lead their team to work effectively.

Key Responsibilities

The scope are opportunities, issues and impediments regarding the capability and the flow of the teams to deliver on their purpose and responsibilities. Overarching business processes are the responsibility on the company level and therefore of the management, which addresses these problems with the affected teams.

For the Teams
  • Facilitating the resolution of team and cross-team impediments, with the people involved.

  • Sharing information about dependencies.

  • Coordinating efforts.

  • Exposing risks.

  • Provide a heads up for changes in the team(s) - in How or What a team works on - that would impede other team’s success.

  • Finding ways to improve, to increase the value produced by the teams.

Responsibilities toward the Delegator
  • Addressing the needs coming from the Delegator Business Management.

  • Interfacing with Delegator in regular reviews, at Team Development WG Review and Office Hours.

Delegator Responsibilities

The Delegator might offer help, but is committed to not interfere with the Work Group’s learning. They own their issues and take responsibility for the impact of their actions. The Delegator representative joins work efforts and meetings on-demand only, and usually stays in contact with the group lead only.

  • Gives context on the high level business needs, constraints and objectives, either:

    • directly to the Team Development Work Group, if relevant,

    • or directly to the Team in question, if relevant,

  • Enables the Work Group through resources needed, so that they can do their work. This includes:

    • organizing personnel (internal, hiring, external)

    • organizing and financing of training

    • giving guidance via information on business needs and objectives

    • protecting the domain from intrusion by leading actions which preserve their purpose.

  • Initiates reviews of domain and the Work Group’s effectiveness, or participates as requested by the Work Group.

  • Leads that issues on the company level are addressed.

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-264