Organizational Development

Reteaming 2022: The driver for this domain becomes more and more unclear and irrelevant with Management taking over organizational development, defining domains they delegate, etc. and the new "How" Workgroup that cares about how the teams account for their domain. This domain might be obsolete at some point.

We need a way to continuously evaluate and develop our structures (teams, groups, roles) and thus adapt them to future challenges which includes the people who want to be actively involved and accountable for this topic. This will allow those people who are affected - through contribution, benefit, or investment - to find, decide, and implement solutions.

The OrgDev workgroup facilitates topics related to our organizational structures that go beyond the scope of a single team or group. In doing so, we relieve Delegates of the burden of understanding and facilitating complex drivers.

Accountable Circle

OrgDev Work Group



Lead by

Marco Fretz

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Key Responsibilities

  • Help teams and other groups within VSHN to understand, evaluate and evolve the structures of VSHN: Who is accountable for what, Domains and Circles.

  • Continuously evaluate the need for and develop required team or company-wide roles.

  • Clarity about our structures.

  • Awareness of management topics we’ve to deal with as a company and in the teams.

Key Deliverables

Circles, Domains and processes documented in a transparent and understandable way (usually our handbook).


  • OrgDev is about making sense of more complex drivers that are beyond the scope of a single team, yet understanding problems and opportunities starts within teams. Together with Facilitators, OrgDev can support this, however.

  • To understand structures drivers and dependencies, and form proposals, OrgDev needs input from teams and other groups at VSHN; this requires at least punctual participation from teams:

    • Internal educations on structures and processes.

    • Surveys, Retros and workshops with affected people.

  • Drivers (VIPs) which fall into this domain are no longer in the Delegate Circles.


  • We use patterns and concepts from Sociocracy 3.0 where useful.

  • OrgDev involves affected people in proposal forming and consent decision making.

  • Accept volunteers who want to contribute.

  • Delegation of domains is ultimately done by their parent domain, OrgDev facilitates the process.

  • Change lead by OrgDev is reported to Management periodically.

Key Challenges

  • People in teams not caring enough about the topics in OrgDev which will affect them.

  • Unclear point of contact for the flow information between teams and OrgDev.

  • Core members of OrgDev influencing proposal making and decisions more than expected by the teams.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Drivers from teams which fall into this domain are prioritized and addressed.

  • Teams are informed on what’s happening in the scope of this domain.

  • Planned change (for example new teams) is accompanied to a point where teams can self-develop and grow.

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-38