Business Operations

The Management is accountable for the domain Business Operations which currently contains all other value creating or central service domains. It therefore serves as the escalation point for everything not defined here or in sub-domains.

Core Tasks

  • Reporting to the Board regarding the progress towards the 2-year Goals, what VIPs/Bets have been selected to achieve them best.

  • Reporting to the Board regarding the budget and a proposal for the next budget according to documented expectations (Goals/VIPs/Bets).

  • Make sure the actual expenses are within the boundaries set by the budget - financial controlling.

  • Final decision on hiring and firing of VSHNeers according to the applicable processes.

  • Final decision to terminate customer contracts due to special circumstances.

  • Decide on Investments that exceed a certain amount.

  • Point of Escalation for everything not defined here or in the sub-domains.

  • Final authority of the ISMS and final decisions about information security.

  • Send a delegate to all Delegate Circles.

  • Send Representative to the Board.

  • Invite a Representative from the Board.

  • Form temporary crisis teams in the situation of large scale incidents, financial or personnel crisis or as defined by our business continuity management

  • Send a delegate to temporary crisis teams.


Evaluation Criteria

  • 60% of the 2-year goals are reached

This domain is tracked and reviewed as VIP-61