VSHNeers Delegate Circle

The VSHNeers Delegate Circle is accountable for the VSHNeer Success Domain.

Governance in VSHNeers Delegate Circle

A Delegate Circle is about making Governance, in our case this means:

  • We use VIPs for our Governance Backlog.

  • We are accountable to prioritize and handle all VIPs assigned to us.

  • To Understand Drivers, (delegate to) create Proposals and make Consent-Decisions we have recurring Governance Meetings.

  • Some needed decisions are urgent, low impact, and or better done now than later, to get stuff done. We also know, that we should do as much as possible asynchronously to not waste our precious time in meetings. This means, that we should be able to also do Governance outside of our Governance Meetings. See Asynchronous Decision Making.

Governance Meetings

The participants need to be prepared according to the meeting agenda, for this the agenda needs to be available and as complete as possible early enough before the next meeting. This way, everyone asynchronously consent to the agenda and prepare for the meeting. For example, we don’t want to waste time in the meeting to read a proposal for the first time, instead everyone studies it before the meeting, makes personal notes and brings questions or possible objections to the meeting.

See Governance Meeting Notes 2022: This agenda format contains preparation instructions for the Delegates (participants) and the Meeting Host / Facilitator. The idea is that we send out the agenda at half-time between 2 governance meetings, so everyone has time to prepare properly.

Asynchronous Decision Making

We need to be clear on whether and how we can make decisions outside the regular governance meeting, so that we’re not blocked by our 2-week interval. On the other hand Delegates often are unsure and feel, that they have to check for objections with their team for every decision we make, while the Delegate role is actually about having the trust of the team, to make decisions on behalf of them. With the following rules, we think it’s safe enough to make decisions in the asynchronously (in the chat):

  1. We post the driver and the proposal (or a link to a wiki page or to the VIP) in the VSHNeers DC chat, and clearly state until when we collect possible objections.

  2. In general, we wait until we get a "no-objection" from every team. A :thumbsup: signals no objection.

  3. If delegates see a risk, how not checking with the team first, could lead to unintended consequence or how we miss worthwhile ways to improve the decision now, they have to bring up this as a possible objection. Then we might defer decision making to the next Governance Meeting or give more time.

Delegates have the trust of their team, that they don’t need to check everything with the team and can also directly write "I as the delegate of XXX don’t see any possible objections now". Knowing that:

  • everyone can bring up possible objections anytime, also to existing agreements.

  • It’s about doing things until there is a reason not to: Good enough for now, safe enough to try.