Delegate Circles

To do Governance that affects multiple Domains, every Team selects a representative (the Delegate). Together, the Delegates from a Delegate Circle. They might invite others for expertise.

A Delegate Circle with its Domain is a "bottomarchy." This means it serves multiple Delegators (compared to Teams which have only one Delegator, defined by the Hierarchy of their purpose.)

delegate circle.drawio

Current Delegate Circles



Accountable for


1 Delegate and 1 stand-in per Team and from Management

VSHNeer Success


Delegate Circles are about making Governance, no actual work (Operations) happens in a Delegate Circle. Implementing or adhering to what was decided happens in the various Teams or Work Groups the Delegate Circles serves.

Handling VSHN Improvement Proposals

As with every other Team accounting for a Domain, VIPs can be also be assigned a Delegate Circle. Every Delegate Circle can self-organize how they handle their VIPs as long they are handled and it’s documented, for example:

  • Make it part of recurring Governance Meetings.

  • Have a person that has the duty to facilitate governance outside of meetings (per VIP or in general).